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April 25, 2024
We are bored: Gifted students need challenge to thrive
Gifted and Talented programs have helped students worldwide to enrich their learning. MACC, the Vancouver school program which accelerated the pace of the standard curriculum, has now been redesigned to shorten the support provided to students
18 year-old Erin Walshaw talks about her experience as a gifted student in Vancouver – and the problems she faces
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April 11, 2024
How volunteers are helping to serve as a ‘beacon of hope’ in Afghanistan
Two years after the Taliban’s supposed temporary ban, another academic year has started, leaving girls in Afghanistan at a greater disadvantage. Inspired by the efforts of organisations to provide education to girls and women, I volunteered and witnessed the difference they can make
17 year-old Zohra on the resilient efforts of local organisations in providing life-changing opportunities to girls and young women in Afghanistan
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March 22, 2024
‘Her name was Liza.’ Violence against women is on the rise worldwide
Recent shockwaves over the brutal rape and murder of a women in Warsaw reiterate the dangers women face globally. It seems the United Nations SDG goal to ‘achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls’ is far from being achieved by its 2030 date
15 year-old Klara Hammudeh reports on the global implications of a recent crime in Warsaw
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March 22, 2024
What young Afghan women want to achieve in the world of technology
Despite bans on women’s education and rights in Afghanistan, technology is enabling them to look beyond their restrictive environment to gain more knowledge and chase their dreams
13 year-old Naziya surveys Afghan women on the potential of technology as a tool of income and education
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March 08, 2024
Singaporean LGBTQ+ community still faces a ‘long road ahead’ despite constitutional changes
Despite a shift in governmental policies towards the LGBTQ+ community, discrimination still exists. The government continues to advocate for family units being strictly heterosexual to ‘protect’ the marriage constitution
18 year-old Chenxi Zhang explores progressive steps towards equality
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March 01, 2024
From stadiums to screens: the alarming rise of racism in football
With the ongoing 2023–24 football season, it becomes crucial to address instances of racism, which were one of the most commonly reported forms of discrimination last season
16 year-old Isaaq Hussain on persistent racism in football
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March 01, 2024
Why growing up as a young woman is scary: A teen’s perspective from Poland
Despite the global progress made in women’s rights in the past few decades, Poland still has a long way to go. The country’s strict abortion laws, gender pay gap and prescribed lifestyle for a woman’s future fills me with fear
17 year-old Maria Mitko on the daunting reality of womanhood
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February 23, 2024
Why disabled individuals ‘do not exist’ in Ukraine
You do not truly realise the extent of your detachment from reality until you encounter a person with a disability and notice the systemic conditioning that leads us to believe that disabilities limit individuals
17 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko outlines proactive steps to inclusivity
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February 23, 2024
‘Our world cannot afford to wait’ - International calls for peace intensify over Israel-Gaza war
The Israeli military has begun targeting Rafah, a southern city housing more than a million displaced Palestinians with “nowhere to go.” With around half of Gaza’s population finding shelter in the city, this has the potential to drastically escalate the humanitarian crisis in the region
17 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova on the current calls for humanitarian relief
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February 09, 2024
Media depicting women holds one main aim: Giving a space for women to be judged
Defining a woman starts with using words like ‘trailblazer’ and ‘independent’ and ‘controversial’. A set of words is quite a small frame to describe everything that a person could be
16 year-old Sanjana Senthil’s award-winning essay on Women’s Rights
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February 09, 2024
US immigration authorities on alert following Honduras migrant caravan crossing
Immigration emerges as a hot topic yet again in the lead up to the 2024 US presidential election and if a new bill is passed by Congress it “would be the biggest changes to immigration law in nearly 40 years” threatening the conditions to asylum
17 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova on the growing pressure at the border
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January 26, 2024
Unattainable ‘angel status’. Patriarchy still skews the narratives of women in power
From fashion breakdowns to dating habits, selective media reporting has long attempted to reduce women in the spotlight to harmful gender stereotypes’
17 year-old Alia Saphier critiques the media’s continual repression of women
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January 19, 2024
Ropes or Syringes: A Closer Look at the Death Penalty in Singapore
An ethical question on the justification of the death penalty has been debated for decades if not centuries. With a majority 73.7% in public support, I was curious to find out for myself why so many Singaporeans backed a seemingly inhumane punishment
17 year-old Nicole Jin surveys locals on the morality of crime prevention
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January 05, 2024
Israel-Gaza War: The multifaceted conflict that has resulted in decades of suffering
The recent conflict between Hamas and Israel has defined a bitter chapter in Israel-Palestine’s history. As the toll rises, the urgency of international attention is highlighted against a backdrop of ceasefires and broken truces
17 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova outlines the history of the modern conflict
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December 22, 2023
Helping hands - How Afghan girls are instrumental in providing education
Organisations such as LEARN have been helping girls get an underground education by providing online classes such as science and web design lessons. Through their help and kindness, the power to offer opportunities to others is then passed on into our hands
17 year-old Zohra on the inspiring goal of helping young people follow their dreams
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December 15, 2023
WHO, paying $250 to sexual assault victims in DRC, proves the world justice system is broken
More than 80 aid workers sent to handle the Ebola outbreak in the DRC have been accused of involvement in a sexual assault scandal. And in the end, those without privileges are left with so-called compensation and a traumatic memory for the rest of their lives
17 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko condemns World Health Organisation’s sexual assault scandal
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December 15, 2023
Nepal's historic equality milestone: First LGBTQ+ couple celebrate receiving marriage certificate
Last month marked a historic milestone for LGBTQ+ rights in Nepal, as the country officially documented the first same-sex marriage. Surendra Pandey, reflecting on this ground-breaking act said “this is a huge achievement not only for us but for all sexual and gender minorities”
16 year-old Jefferson He reports on minorities' rocky path towards legal marriages
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December 08, 2023
Dreaming of home: How Armenian teenagers navigate the exodus and loss of Nagorno-Karabakh
Through interviews, the impact of the humanitarian catastrophe on children, young people and families culminated in a shared dream to someday return to their homelands
16 year-old Jefferson He chronicles the humanitarian crisis in Armenia, from the takeover of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh), and its profound impact on the youth
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December 01, 2023
A ‘silent genocide’ in DRC is impacting millions of lives
In the heart of Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) stands as a nation marred by a history of conflict and a tapestry of complexity. Described as ‘the silent genocide’, an ongoing conflict in the eastern region has cast a spotlight on the escalating tensions
17 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova breaks down the escalating tensions in the DRC
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November 24, 2023
Compared to dogs or children, women struggle in the Ukrainian army
Women are a vital part of Ukraine’s future victory but female soldiers continually face restrictions on their basic needs. Instead, women are treated as an object of entertainment rather than living, breathing, and equally capable human beings
17 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko speaks against the discrimination of women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine
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November 03, 2023
The Thalidomide scandal. A history of greed and neglect that shaped contemporary clinical trials
Thalidomide was a tragedy that is often forgotten and a clear violation of human rights, but it shaped the strenuous clinical trials that take place today. Without the toll of Thalidomide, drug production may not be as safe as it is today
16 year-old Ananya Prasanna on the lesson from pharmaceutical scandal
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October 27, 2023
Denying treatment because women could get pregnant? That’s a new level of toxic absurdity
Women cannot be stripped of basic services, like healthcare, because of their so-called ‘function’, and the word ‘woman’ should not be synonymous with ‘mother’
17 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko speaks against curbing women’s rights in the US
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October 20, 2023
At 12, I promised myself a hysterectomy. That’s how ignorance of menstrual health tortures girls
Young girls like me will continue to suffer because periods are taboo and we are told period cramps are supposed to hurt. The pain of endometriosis is instead chalked up to female sensitivities, low pain tolerance, and the joys of womanhood
17 year-old Erin Walshaw was the runner-up in the Harbinger Prize in Reporting
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October 20, 2023
History of Australia’s offshore detention camps makes me sickened by my country
Christmas Island is a pristine pocket of land in the Indian Ocean, just below Java, where you will find crystal clear waters, beautiful stretches of white sand beaches, heavenly weather and a long history of human rights violations
15 year-old Tanya Chi essay was the runner-up in the Harbinger Prize in Humanities
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October 20, 2023
‘Deranged cultural standards’ - How Sri Lanka’s misogyny is impeding its economic recovery
McKinsey Global Institute estimates that advancing gender equality in Sri Lanka could add $64 billion to its GDP by 2025
17 year-old Nadia Diakowska analyses a negative feedback loop between inequality and poverty
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September 30, 2023
Flowers for the Future enables Afghan students to “bloom”
Amidst challenges posed by the Taliban’s restrictions, the support from individuals around the world and organisations like FFF are “a source of inspiration”
16 year-old Sofiya Suleimanova interviews the student-run organisation that supports the ‘rights of students across the world to education’
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September 08, 2023
Trump administration disregard Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s last words
"My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed” - the final words of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to her granddaughter, has seen the former justice’s worst fear brought into reality
17 year-old Aleksandra Lasek on the notions of progress
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August 25, 2023
Inside Greek refugee camp Ritsona’s mission to ‘safeguard human rights’
At Ritsona refugee camp, a group of asylum seekers gathered to share their stories about how they reached Greece, how the camp is supporting them, and the struggles they face which included frustrations with the asylum procedure
16 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova visits and speaks with members of Ritsona refugee camp
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August 25, 2023
How the UK Cost of Living Crisis is affecting migrants
Since 2021, the economic situation in the UK has started to worsen, and this has affected many people, both citizens and non-citizens. However, while the government is providing some support to British citizens, migrants are being overlooked
17 year-old Jakub Hejka interviews Polish migrants on the Immigration Health Surcharge
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August 25, 2023
“Invisible to the Ukrainian legislation” - What it means to be queer in Ukraine
The question of LGBTQ+ rights in Ukraine is now more important than ever, as lots of these people are defending the country every day, and apart from that, are equally Ukrainian citizens who deserve to be recognized as such
17 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko interviews Ukrainian legal activists Tania Kasian and Maxim Potapovych
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August 04, 2023
Greek newspaper Migratory Birds helps refugee teenagers ‘fly high’
It was the initiative of 15 Afghan teenage girls and one Greek girl, who decided it was time for the refugee population to be truly heard. The project’s aim is to introduce young refugees to the principles of journalism and media while helping them to integrate into the Greek community
16 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova interviews experts at youth magazine Migratory Birds
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July 21, 2023
Days that marked Afghan girls’ lives
There are days in everyone’s lives that they mark the most regardless of being good or bad. Five students of the journalism learning project at Harbingers’ Magazine – Shanhaza (17), Swita (16), Zainab (13), Naziya (13) and Zohra (17) – interviewed each other to find out about the days that impacted them the most
13-17 year-old OXSFJ and LEARN Afghan students share their life experiences
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July 21, 2023
How eco-friendly art is empowering refugees in Greece to raise awareness of crises
Art has been used throughout history as a powerful tool that documents time and evokes emotions. On the Greek island of Lesvos, it is helping refugees raise awareness of their ongoing struggles
16 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova visits Humade Crafts Workshop
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July 07, 2023
Youth revolted in France after police shot 17 year-old boy
Over the course of last week, violent riots have wreaked havoc in Paris and its suburbs. The protesters burned cars, vandalised police stations and even let animals from the Paris Zoo out. Rioters have torched 2,000 vehicles since the start of the unrest
17 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko reports on French protests against police brutality
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June 23, 2023
Russian aggression will add another layer to Ukraine’s intergenerational trauma
It is impossible to understand the impact the current Russian aggression will have on Ukrainian society without taking into account the scars left by the Holodomor, World War 2, and Chornobyl
16-year-old Sofiya Tkachenko interviews mental health expert Lidiia Kasyanchuk
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June 23, 2023
US Supreme Court ruled against Alabama’s violation of the Black voters rights
In a surprise to many civil rights activists the US Supreme Court judges struck down the electoral map of the state of Alabama because it discriminated against Black voters by a five-to-four decision
17 year-old Mykyta Yaremenko reports on the Congress decision
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June 16, 2023
Poles have had enough! Opposition leader Donald Tusk galvanises Poland’s fight for its democracy
The liberal-democratic Civic Coalition (KO), with the former president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, at the helm, has a chance to take power in Poland. Its electoral campaign was launched with an anti-government rally against the opposition
16 year-old Stanislaw Sankowski explains why 500,000 people marched through Warsaw
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May 19, 2023
Sudan’s military power struggle results in humanitarian catastrophe
Homes and other civilian infrastructure have been destroyed. UNHCR disclosed that “densely populated residential areas of Khartoum, Bahri, Omdurman and towns in Darfur and North Kordofan are facing electricity cuts, a lack of healthcare and basic services, while running out of food, water and medicines”
16 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova outlines the current situation in Sudan
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April 07, 2023
Unchangeable US police force is responsible for countless unjustified deadly arrests
In order to stop this cycle of repeated police brutality, the system must be changed. Acts, such as the George Floyd Justice in Policing bill should be passed and encouraged
16 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova looks at the consequences of excessive force in the case of Tyre Nichols
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April 07, 2023
Report revealed deeply concerning strip-search practice on thousands of children in England and Wales
The 363-page report, which looked at the standards of behaviour and culture of the Met, not only highlighted the ‘significant racial disproportionality’ in the strip searches of children by police but also revealed shocking cases within the police force
16 year-old Jinn Ong on the results of the Children’s Commissioner report
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March 17, 2023
What exactly is Justice? The flawed concept behind the death penalty in the US
Organisations such as the Innocence Project work to liberate the innocent, avoid wrongful sentences, and establish systems of justice that are fair, humane, and impartial for all. There have already been 375 cases of exoneration in the US due to new DNA testing, including 21 people serving on death row.
17 year-old Aleksandra Lasek on the importance of re-examination of evidence
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March 17, 2023
The fight for trans rights in the UK continues
The Scottish bill aimed to reform gender recognition guidelines got vetoed but the UK government. In response to the UK’s intervention, Stonewall, a British charity that supports LGBTQ+ youth throughout the United Kingdom, said: “These are not the actions of a government that can stand on the international stage as a credible defender of LGBTQ+ rights.”
16 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko reports the current policy on gender recognition
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March 03, 2023
‘Girls go missing, schools are closed down, teachers persecuted’. Fight for education in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan
Pashtana Dorani is the founder of an organisation running 'illegal' underground schools for girls in Afghanistan. She knows first-hand the struggles girls and those teaching them face since the US and their allies withdrew and the Taliban regained control of the country
16 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova interviews Afghan human rights activist
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March 03, 2023
‘Know your DNA’ databases could fall into the wrong hands. Policymakers should regulate it
Even with all precautions employed, there is always a chance of getting hacked. Nothing indicates that ancestry DNA databases store personal data in any different place than the information about one’s DNA
18 year-old Gleb Mishin explains the cybersecurity dangers behind DNA testing
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February 09, 2023
Lessons have not been learnt, international law is not stopping Russia
The notions of genocide and crimes against humanity are two essential building blocks for international law and vital parts of the efforts to protect human rights. In his 2016 book East West Street, British writer and lawyer Philippe Sands explains the origins of these notions
Aleksandra Lasek on the constraints of the international criminal law system
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December 18, 2022
Italy’s direct help for Ukrainian refugees is rooted in its EU membership
A question arises: does Italy have double standards and treat people differently depending on where they come from? Or is there a reasonable explanation for the difference in attitudes towards the two groups of refugees?
17 year-old Marco Morchio on difference in Italy's approach to conflicts in Syria and Ukraine
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October 31, 2022
‘It feels like I am living someone else’s life’, says Viktoriya, teenage refugee from Ukraine
When the war started, I felt confident and fearless. I believe because we had to move fast and think fast, my adrenaline was boosted, and this made me experience confidence. Over time, I calmed down and processed the situation. As I realised that my life was not stable anymore, my home was not safe, a feeling of fear started to develop
17 year-old Viktoriya Lysenko is interviewed by HRB's Italy correspodent Marco Morchio
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October 24, 2022
Standing by Mahsa Amini. Iran’s rise against oppression is yet another youth’s call for change
The Iranian theocracy is only a particularly outrageous, outdated, and brutal example which stands against the background of many different governments facing increasing scrutiny from their young citizens
16 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova on the necessity of support for the Iranian protesters
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October 17, 2022
How war affected young Ukrainians - and what you can do about it?
I know that our stories might seem bizarre, scary, and unrelatable. But everyone can try to understand and relate. And everyone can help - even other young people, and teenagers from around the globe. Why? To support those in need
Maria Rybak shows how the war has influenced lives of young Ukrainians and how powerful world-wide support is
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October 17, 2022
Volunteering at KL Plaszow Museum gave me a chance to fight the Nazi dehumanisation
To many, the concentration camp in Plaszow remains an unknown piece of history. A mere nine-person team at the KL Plaszow Museum and Memorial Site are working to change that. While I had the privilege of being the museum’s first volunteer, the KL Plaszow team hopes to recruit more as they continue working towards their opening in 2025
17 year-old Jonathan Wong on the meaning of voluntary work
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September 30, 2022
Herbal Insurgency: Wielding Knowledge to Heal and Harm Under Southern Enslavement
Through their knowledge of healing and harming, enslaved people were able to create small but vital spaces of healing and alternative power within the totalizing structures of Southern enslavement laws
William Derek Pacini examines the history of herbal expertise as a form of resistance and a means to freedom
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September 18, 2022
Art of humanity. Why Lithuanian Jews took part in the fight against apartheid in South Africa
Once kindness becomes prevalent, it appears to be spreading. Human relations develop as we experience the inevitability of life - whether it is peace or war, core human values remain the same. A formation of a crystal – I think of an artwork I saw in Kaunas, depicting the bonding of ions and atoms which make the crystal grow - is parallel to how human relations develop.
17 year-old Sophie Abromaviciute on the lesson from an art festival in Kaunas, Lithuania
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September 13, 2022
Another Generation of War in Armenia. Living Everyday to the Fullest
In my village, we can hear any movements in the Azerbaijani military position. Such a close presence of the adversary army has negatively affected the mental state of the villagers, especially the young
Syuzanna Gyumshudyan examines the mental health of her peers two years after the bloody war over Nagorno Karabakh
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August 25, 2022
‘An eye-opening experience’. Diary of a volunteer helping refugees at the Polish-Ukrainian border
When I arrived in Przemysl, a quaint little town on the Polish-Ukrainian border, I did not know what to expect. I wanted to provide help in any way I could, although I thought my lack of a shared language with the Ukrainians would largely limit my role
17 year-old Jonathan Wong about his time volunteering in Przemysl
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August 08, 2022
I doubt that Liz Truss will make girls’ lives better. Here’s why
If elected she has the capabilities to make significant headway in the progression of women’s rights, however based on her history of ineffectual action, it is unlikely for her to make tangible change within the UK
17 year-old Grace Whitehouse considers how Women’s rights in Britain will be harmed under Liz Truss leadership
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July 09, 2022
War in Ukraine from the inside
My life, just like the life of other Ukrainians, has been divided into “before” and “after”. Before the 24th of February, I couldn't believe that in the twenty-first century people would be capable of starting an actual war
16 year-old Diana Kuksova reveals how it is to live as a teenager during war
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July 05, 2022
It is teenage girls who will be affected the most by abortion bans in the US
The Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case, which removed the right for abortion in the US was done by a group which is 80 percent male, 80 percent white and 100 percent in their 50s or older. The societal group which is going to be affected by the change, is the complete opposite.
16 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova on the implications of overturning Roe vs Wade
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June 22, 2022
Medicare for All: a debate
Seeing a million citizens die due to the COVID-19 pandemic, along with an economic crash and rising unemployment, just highlights the importance of the Medicare for All debate. Could this program transform our healthcare system for the better – or would it further harm our economy?
Dylan Yip lays out opposing stances on the Medicare for All debate in the United States.
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May 27, 2022
‘Minimum inclusion gives huge joy’, says Sylwia, mother to a 14-year-old with autism
It is impossible to predict Julia's future but the outlook is grim. The state does not support centers that educate neurodivergent young adults as almost all types of support for adults with disabilities are scrapped by austerity measures.
Eva Smolokovskaya inquires into Poland’s non-existent system to include people with disabilities within society
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January 24, 2022
Every bit as real that the reader hopes the story were pure fiction. The Fortune Men review
Nearing the 70th anniversary of the court murder commited in Wales, we realize that not much has changed these past decades.
Noemi Elliott reviews Nadifa Mohamed’s novel
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January 20, 2022
With the notion of progress gone, gender equality is slowly dying in Poland
Since 2015, the ruling Law and Justice party has rejected the notion of progress which had characterised the Second Republic of Poland - despite the fact that it is the same Second Republic that the same Law and Justice politicians consider to be the embodiment of ideal Polish society.
Aleksandra Lasek on Poland's nationalists' lack of political consistency
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December 01, 2021
Even if refugees are lured by Belarus, it is not a reason for Poland to violate international law
"From the legal point of view, the problem is that the practice of pushbacks is illegal. When the person appears on the Polish territory and applies for asylum, then the asylum application should be processed and the person should have the right to stay in Poland until the final decision is reached."
Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights’ lawyer Jacek Bialas in conversation with Levon Nurijanyan explains why Poland's push-backs of migrants are illegal
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October 21, 2021
At Ritsona Camp it has been three years since child refugee Leila was last inside a classroom
There is no reason for the refugee children in Europe to be denied an effective and equal education.
Polina Aksenenko and Parwana Amiri about the consequences of spending on walls instead of buses at Ritsona Camp in Greece.

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