Join Harbingers’ Magazine

Harbingers’ Magazine accepts applications from new students.

If you would like to join, you need to:

  • be 15-18 years old (the project is aimed at students in pre-university education),
  • have an idea what area of life you would like to cover,
  • and write an email to us at hello@hrbmagazine.com, outlining this idea and telling us about yourself.

Journalism is as big as life, so you may have your own ideas how you would like to collaborate with Harbingers’ Magazine.

If that iss the case, we would love to hear from you.

You can pitch us an idea (for an interview, analysis, reportage) or enlist yourself to become one of our illustrators – or indeed suggest an entirely new section or project.

If you are concerned with your command in English, we strongly suggest giving it a try – we aim at being a global magazine and we look rather for great stories and ideas than language proficiency.

Allow us up to seven working days for us to get back to you. We are a tiny team of journalism aficionados and we do our best to go through the mail as quickly as possible.

Please note, every Friday you will find several ideas for articles we would like to publish within Harbingers’ Weekly Brief newsletter. Sign up to receive it.

Please send your work and a short bio of yours to hello@hrbmagazine.com.


Other opportunities


Remuneration and procedures

An article accepted for publication will be edited by members of the Editorial Board and professionals from The Oxford School of Practical Journalism. The author will be consulted at all stages of the editorial process.

Prior to publication, the author will be asked to submit a short bio and current picture to be credited.

Each month, up to £500 is awarded to authors of the pieces selected for publication.

Due to reasons concerning paid work of minors and taxation regulations, prizes may require some involvement on the part of the author’s parents or legal guardians. In some instances, we may offer an educational voucher in lieu of a financial prize.