Nare Arushanyan


Yerevan, Armenia

Nare Arushanyan

  • Contributor
  • Yerevan, Armenia

Born in 2007 in Stepanakert, the capital of Artsakh, Nare Arushanyan was displaced to Armenia in the autumn of 2023 and is now studying in Khoren and Shoushanig Avedisian School, Yerevan with plans to study journalism. For Harbingers’ Magazine, she writes about human rights and violations of human rights.

She is interested in photography for which she achieved third place in TUMOGraphy, a photography competition by the Armenian TUMO Center for Creative Technologies. Her photos have also been published in various journals.

In her free time, Nare also enjoys cooking, watching movies and volunteering. She has been interviewed many times to share her stories about volunteering and its importance.

Nare speaks Armenian, Russian and English.