August 9, 2023

Trump stays popular among Republicans despite felony charges

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The US 2024 presidential elections are just around the corner and according to latest polls, the Former President Donald J Trump has been crushing his rising competitors – including Ron DeSatnis, Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Tim Scott – despite facing an abundance of lawsuits and felony charges.

The polls published by CNN in early August exposed a phenomenon. The foremost predictor of vote choice for the Republican nomination is a simple question of whether one thinks the 2020 election was valid. The results of the poll show that 63% of registered Republican and Republican-leaning voters take the stance that Biden’s success in 2020 was not legitimate. Only 27% of the people thought it was legitimate.

The same poll was conducted in May with a question on who the voters preferred to be the 2024 Grand Old Party (GOP) nominee, and Donald Trump seems to be dominating the field.

The question behind the controversy of the 2020 election seems to substantially influence every voter’s decision. Trump had a reportedly 39-point lead over the runner up representative, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

According to Jared Kushner, a property developer who is both President Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law, Republican candidates and the Republican Party machinery have permitted Trump to sell Republican voters a lie.

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Former US president Donald Trump appears in court on 34 felony charges

Trump’s arrest for having “repeatedly and fraudulently falsified New York business records to conceal criminal conduct that hid damaging information from the voting public during the 2016 presidential election” happened a few months ago.

The indictment has influenced the narrative where Trump is seen as a political martyr which may actually help him in his presidential campaign.

The polls show that the three times indicted and twice-impeached political figure was granted with a sizable primary advantage to win.

Joe Biden announced his presidential campaign in April 2023. The reaction of the people however was quite different than 3 years ago.

According to an NBC News poll conducted in June 2023, 68% of voters have concerns about Biden’s mental and physical health, and 55% have “major” concerns. Naturally, the numbers fluctuate over time but 2024 still awaits 15 months from now.

Even the other side of the political spectrum had their say in the matter. Former Ambassador Nikki Haley, candidate from the GOP field, commented: “Biden announced that he’s running again in 2024, and I think that we can all be very clear and say with a matter of fact that if you vote for Joe Biden, you really are counting on a President Harris, because the idea that he would make it until 86 years old is not something that I think is likely.”

According to another poll shared by The New York Times, the Democrats themselves do not wish to be represented by Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential race anymore. Many politicians stress the need for others to jump into the race.

“Democrats are telling me that they want, not a coronation, but they want a competition,” said Minnesota Democrat Dean Phillips on CBS’ “Face the Nation”.

The polls conducted by CNN, however, are still in his favor as 60% of his own party and Democratic-leaning voters say they back Biden giving him the majority.

The 2024 presidential election will be the 60th quadrennial presidential election, scheduled for November 5, 2024.

The candidates running from the Democratic Party remain: Joe Biden, Robert F Kennedy Jr, and Marianne Williamson. In the case of Republicans the field consists of Donald Trump, Francis Suarez, Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, Mike Pence, Perry Johnson, Asa Hutchinson, Will Hurd, Nikki Haley, Larry Elder, Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, Doug Burgum, and Ryan Binkley.

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Aleksandra Lasek

Human Rights Section Editor

Warsaw, Poland

Born in Krosno, Poland, in 2006, Aleksandra plans to major in political science in international relations with the ambition to acquire a degree in law. For Harbingers’ Magazine, she writes mostly about politics and social sciences with plans to contribute creative writing and poetry as well.

She started as a contributor for Harbingers’ Magazine in 2022. In 2023, she was promoted twice – first to the role of the Human Rights correspondent and, subsequently, to the Human Rights section editor. As the section editor, she commenced her work by organising the Essay on Women’s Rights Competition, which elected six members of the Women’s Rights Newsroom.

Aleksandra’s academic interests cover history, politics, civil rights movements and any word Mary Wollstonecraft wrote. She is also interested in music (her favourite performers being Dominic Fike, MF DOOM, and The Kooks) and anything that includes the voice of Morgan Freeman.

Aleksandra speaks English, Polish, and Spanish.


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